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Increasing Revenue and Driving Deeper Reader Engagement

We love unique experiences. We love all things smart and helpful. And we’re obsessed with finding awesome deals. We’ve designed Snap Skout to give readers a special place on your site, via Skout blocks or the Skout button, to get the best and most relevant offers, at exactly the right place and time.

Our offer recommendation engine automatically matches your stories with highly-relevant offers to delight readers and generate new revenue.

For Publishers

Snap Skout is a content-driven recommendation engine that delivers highly-relevant offers to readers, at the moment they are engaged with your article. Snap Skout drives deeper reader engagement and provides an additional revenue opportunity for publishers.

For Advertisers

Snap Skout is a new content-driven advertising product that automatically surfaces the best and most relevant offers to consumers, at exactly the right place and time. By serving the right offers to a highly-engaged audience, Snap Skout’s CTR outperforms traditional banner ads by almost 10X.  Learn More.

Feature Summary

Finally, a smart recommendation offers product that automatically matches offers from around the web to the stories on your site. Snap Skout is free for online publishers seeking new and innovative ways to increase revenue.


Increase reader engagement and loyalty.

Give readers a special place on your site to access the best and most relevant offers at the right time and place–at the moment they are reading your article.


Drive new revenue.

By partnering with leading offer providers and advertisers, Skout automatically surfaces highly relevant deals that match the editorial content on a publisher’s site.


Measure key performance metrics.

Utilize the publisher dashboard to gain insights to key performance metrics including click thru rate and reader interaction with Snap Skout.


It’s fast, easy, and free.

It takes just a few minutes to install. Sign-up to receive a unique install code that inserts the Snap Skout recommendation offers engine on your site. If you need assistance, no problem. We’re available to help.

Look No Further

Are you a publisher looking to increase revenue and reader engagement? Are you an advertiser looking for a new ad product that is elegant, non-intrusive and outperforms the CTR for existing banner ads by 10X?